God Can Use You Where You Are

I am a colporteur, and I have been canvassing for some time now. This ministry has been a BIG blessing in my life and has helped strengthen my relationship with Christ. God really uses canvassing to bring hope to people.

One day while I was canvassing, I entered a tattoo/smoke shop. The thought that came to mind was, “I hope this is a quick rejection.”  I thought that a place like that was not the prettiest place to bring Christian books to.

I stepped in and saw the lady behind the counter; sure enough tattooed all up, piercings, and smoking. She was on the phone, but ended her conversation to attend me. I introduced myself, made some small talk, and to my surprise she was very open to knowing more about the books. I was more than happy to share.

I’ll call this lady Sarah for the sake of the story. Sarah took the books from my hand and asked me to take out all the books that I had in my bag also. As the conversation grew, we both began to share personal experiences. Sarah had a family, and looked to be in her late 30’s.

Her heart was aching for hope. Sarah had problems in her life that she didn’t know how to deal with, but she wanted a way out.

“I believe in God,” she said. “I know that working here, and my lifestyle, isn’t the best. These tattoos are from my past that I now have to live with. Few Christians ever come in here, but when I do meet them, they are quick to judge me. My own mother wants nothing to do with me.”

In the end we prayed together. She purchased five devotional books, two Bible story books for her kids, a health book, and several Bible studies. Praise God. As I left the shop, my first prayer was, “Lord, forgive me.”

We might not think we are ready to tell others about Christ. We might not think we know much about the Bible to share with others, but I have learned that God can use you where you are. Do not doubt His power. The Holy Spirit was speaking to Sarah before I even got there. We just have to be willing to take a step. Remember to pray for the canvassers who are out there.

“Christ sees in (his workers) qualifications that will enable them to fulfill His purpose. If they put their hearts into the work, and continue to be learners, He will fit them to labor for Him.” -CM p. 21

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