November 29, 2015

Opinion: The T.P. Detour

On the cover of Charmin’s Facebook page, the mama bear snuggles confidently next to her ultra soft toilet paper. Her name is Molly and she lives in the security of knowing that her toilet paper will not only always be there for her, but be of the highest quality. Molly doesn’t have very much in common with the girls in Hadley and Meyer halls, the upperclassmen dormitories at Southwestern Adventist University. A quick glance at the average dorm room and you will see a couple of twin sized … [Read more...]

Opinion: Time Management, Prioritizing Are Keys to College Success

Entering college can be overwhelming and frightening because you never know what to expect. As a new semester begins, students try to get back into their routines. Some students look back at their first semester and realize that they got through it and are ready to take on this semester. “Last semester was pretty fun,” says Josh Ramirez, freshman theology major. “The biggest adjustment I had to make was getting into the work flow, because it’s harder than high school. And managing time was … [Read more...]

Opinion: SWAU Should Open a 24-Hour Gym

With college getting harder and harder, more and more students have less time to do extracurricular activities. From studying for tests to writing research papers, a college student’s life is always busy. Southwestern Adventist University has a great gym with treadmills and a nice weightlifting spot. It has a nice basketball court and very helpful and friendly staff who are easy to talk to. But some students don’t have the time to go and take advantage of this great gym available on this … [Read more...]

Opinion: The Perks of Being an Intern

Although internships are not required for communication majors, I strongly recommend students take the initiative and serve as an intern. An internship can be a great addition to your resume and portfolio. I gained experience at the Providence Hospital Foundation this summer that I never would have gotten in a class. Internships are about making connections and getting a taste of the “real world.” I debated for a while whether or not I wanted to do an internship. From what I had seen in … [Read more...]

Opinion: Living Off-Campus

Throughout my time at Southwestern, I’ve been living at home with my parents. We moved to Keene in 2007, and it seemed convenient (not to mention cheaper) to continue living with them while attending college. I quickly learned about some of the pros and cons of living at home. For me the biggest con has been that I often feel left out. I’ve been told many times that I should socialize more or that I need to spend more time on campus. Honestly, I’m on campus almost all day already. Sure, I’m … [Read more...]

Opinion: Can We Do More?

Growing up in Zambia, a small country in southern Africa, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The culture, environment and people are unique. My siblings and I attended Christ-centered schools and became actively involved in the youth ministries at the local church. Fellowship and Sabbath worship was a full-day event, starting with church service, followed by afternoon programs of beautiful tribal choirs in concert, continuing with Bible study and discussion until the sunset. The … [Read more...]

Opinion: Why We Should Have More Pay Days

(Edited by Jaime Baldwin and Brisa Ramirez) Southwestern Adventist University gives students many on-campus job opportunities. I am grateful that I can find local work and not have to waste my  money on gas driving back and forth. It is a luxury that not everybody has. Although I appreciate most aspects of working on campus, there are a few modifications that I would like to see. One aspect of on-campus employment I would like to change is pay day. Most work places pay their employees … [Read more...]

Opinion: God Works in Wonderful Ways

(Edited by Angela Mangueira) I was studying for a test on Tuesday afternoon and, I am not going to lie, I was feeling overwhelmed. I checked my phone for a break and I saw I had missed a call, but when I saw the name of the person who called I thought it was a mistake. However, I called back, just in case it wasn’t a mistake. Maricela answered and asked if she was talking to Blanca, and at that moment it hit me that it wasn’t a mistake. The conversation went something like … [Read more...]

From Southwestern to The Real World

By Lourenca Mangueira (Edited by Angela Mangueira and B.J. Mondesir) I came to Southwestern Adventist University out of the blue. At first I didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious, nervous and scared all at once. I didn’t know a single soul on campus. Behind all that, I didn’t know what to expect. I asked myself the entire trip to the campus, “Am I going to have any friends? Am I capable of make new friends?” Well, guess what? When I first entered my room I met a kind, loving girl … [Read more...]

A School Where You Can Find Peace

(edited by B.J. Mondesir) Many people come to college looking for different things. Some come seeking to find themselves, their life partner or educated friends while others come to ensure comfortable living for their future. Me, personally, I came to college looking to plunge deeper into my spirituality. Southwestern Adventist University has allowed me to grow not only spiritually, but mentally and emotionally as well. The first step to growing spiritually is to start removing chaos from our … [Read more...]