February 6, 2016

Opinion: The Cafe Needs More Options

Almost all students, as some point or another, frequent the Committee of 100 Cafeteria on the Southwestern campus. It is the only place where all 800 of our students come together to are able to share a meal and socialize. In the last three years that I have been a student, however, I have seen not only declines in café popularity, but also in café attendance. Many students are opting to go to other various restaurants around town, such as 360° and Sweet Peppas, or worse, deciding not to eat at … [Read more...]

Opinion: Long Live Dead Week

There are people who honestly believe that dead week is useless. I personally don’t believe that. Since it has been started, I’ve found this week fairly useful. It allows students to catch a breather and have the opportunity to see where they need to play catch up with other work that they need to do without worrying that other teachers will be giving them tests, quizzes or other assignments on top of their existing work.  I came to SWAU in 2012, the year before dead week was established. The … [Read more...]

Opinion: Dead Week Should Die

Let's face it, Dead Week shouldn't be a thing. Usually, at least in my experience, it ends up with more stress being put on students. The idea that professors should not assign major projects to be due the week before finals is admirable, but in a way it makes the situation works in the weeks before. Papers, presentations, and a lot of the big projects become due around the same time in order to stay away from Dead Week, so the problem still exists. It doesn't help that Thanksgiving break takes … [Read more...]

Opinion: Is December Graduation Worth It?

When I first found out that I had the option of graduating a semester early, I was absolutely thrilled. I instantly thought about how much money I would be saving and how much more quickly I could potentially find a “real” job. While I’m still really happy about graduating a semester early, I’ve realized there are several downsides when it comes to getting the true senior year experience. A lot of the senior activities take place during the spring semester. The senior retreat, for example, is … [Read more...]

Opinion: The T.P. Detour

On the cover of Charmin’s Facebook page, the mama bear snuggles confidently next to her ultra soft toilet paper. Her name is Molly and she lives in the security of knowing that her toilet paper will not only always be there for her, but be of the highest quality. Molly doesn’t have very much in common with the girls in Hadley and Meyer halls, the upperclassmen dormitories at Southwestern Adventist University. A quick glance at the average dorm room and you will see a couple of twin sized … [Read more...]

Opinion: Time Management, Prioritizing Are Keys to College Success

Entering college can be overwhelming and frightening because you never know what to expect. As a new semester begins, students try to get back into their routines. Some students look back at their first semester and realize that they got through it and are ready to take on this semester. “Last semester was pretty fun,” says Josh Ramirez, freshman theology major. “The biggest adjustment I had to make was getting into the work flow, because it’s harder than high school. And managing time was … [Read more...]

Opinion: SWAU Should Open a 24-Hour Gym

With college getting harder and harder, more and more students have less time to do extracurricular activities. From studying for tests to writing research papers, a college student’s life is always busy. Southwestern Adventist University has a great gym with treadmills and a nice weightlifting spot. It has a nice basketball court and very helpful and friendly staff who are easy to talk to. But some students don’t have the time to go and take advantage of this great gym available on this … [Read more...]

Opinion: The Perks of Being an Intern

Although internships are not required for communication majors, I strongly recommend students take the initiative and serve as an intern. An internship can be a great addition to your resume and portfolio. I gained experience at the Providence Hospital Foundation this summer that I never would have gotten in a class. Internships are about making connections and getting a taste of the “real world.” I debated for a while whether or not I wanted to do an internship. From what I had seen in … [Read more...]

Opinion: Living Off-Campus

Throughout my time at Southwestern, I’ve been living at home with my parents. We moved to Keene in 2007, and it seemed convenient (not to mention cheaper) to continue living with them while attending college. I quickly learned about some of the pros and cons of living at home. For me the biggest con has been that I often feel left out. I’ve been told many times that I should socialize more or that I need to spend more time on campus. Honestly, I’m on campus almost all day already. Sure, I’m … [Read more...]

Opinion: Can We Do More?

Growing up in Zambia, a small country in southern Africa, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The culture, environment and people are unique. My siblings and I attended Christ-centered schools and became actively involved in the youth ministries at the local church. Fellowship and Sabbath worship was a full-day event, starting with church service, followed by afternoon programs of beautiful tribal choirs in concert, continuing with Bible study and discussion until the sunset. The … [Read more...]