September 25, 2016

I Found My Passion For the Gospel Choir

(edited by Keysha Marie Ortiz Ramos) I was 17 when I first came to Southwestern Adventist University. I remember that I was starting to learn how to use the webmail system in the school and all the things that you don’t really understand when you start college. I was surprised to read an announcement about a gospel choir hosting auditions. Growing up, I always wanted to join a gospel choir; for me, it’s one of those things that some people write in their Bucket List. Well this one was in … [Read more...]

Opinion: The Library Needs More Study Rooms

(Edited by Herman Aguilar) My name is David Maldonado and I am a recent graduate of Southwestern Adventist University. I graduated class of 2015. I had a great experience the three years I attended and would recommend SWAU to anyone interested in attending. My years enrolled as a student, I spent my time after classes mostly in the library, although I always made time to exercise and socialize when possible. The university library, in my opinion, is pleasing to the eye. Both the interior … [Read more...]

Opinion: The Woes of Living Off-Campus

The suffocating, sticky, night air clung to me as I pedaled my bicycle through the dimly-lit Keene streets. I bit down on my lip to ignore the throbbing pain that started to pound against my leg as I headed uphill on the poorly constructed road that led to my house. Sweat beads began to form on my temples and on my back and I tried in vain to find my rhythm. The humidity of Texas did nothing to avail my current situation. “This would be so much easier if I had a car,” I muttered sourly to … [Read more...]

Opinion: We Need More Vending Machines On Campus

(Edited by Herman Aguilar) Feeling the breeze of the soon-to-be fall season on campus these first few days of college got me thinking about how beautiful Southwestern Adventist University really is. I started imagining what, if anything, could be missing on campus. The announced theme for the new college year is to become healthier students. Facilities on campus like the library are announcing an earlier closing time to persuade students to get more sleep. Although many students do not … [Read more...]

Opinion: Our Library Closes Too Early

As part of its five-year trajectory plan for school growth, Southwestern has started a health initiative to help students make better, healthier decisions. The most recent implementation of this initiative is making sure that all campus services are closed by 10:30 p.m. This is a very sensible idea, as it encourages students to get a good night's rest. There is, however, one service that this initiative stifles and is a great hindrance to the student body: the library. The Chan Shun Centennial … [Read more...]

Opinion: Let’s Keep Things Small

Someone once said that good things come in small packages, and I believe that’s true when it comes to the student size of Southwestern Adventist University. Ken Shaw, president of Southwestern Adventist University, brought up the idea of expanding our school size during assembly last Thursday. Even though I believe increasing our school size would enhance the notoriety and success of our school, I don’t think it’s the best option. As of now, SWAU’s student enrollment is about 800 students. … [Read more...]

Opinion: Cafeteria Shows Sensitivity To Those With Special Needs

As a new student here at Southwestern Adventist University, I was nervous about attending this school, not only because it would be a new start, but also because I have gluten intolerance. Many schools I have attended in the past did not offer gluten-free options, especially since most meat analogues do contain gluten as a main ingredient. Usually this meant that I would have to survive off the salad bar and rice and beans (if it was served that day), or I would have to purchase my own meals … [Read more...]

Opinion: Southwestern Needs More Sports Teams

One of the many features that makes Southwestern Adventist University great is its athletic program. However, I believe Southwestern needs to expand that program and add more sports that students can participate in. Right now, Southwestern only offers men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and gymnastics. All of those are great sports, but the incorporation of sports like football, baseball, or even floor ball would make the University’s athletic program that … [Read more...]

Opinion: What Is Our Purpose?

What purpose does Southwestern Adventist University serve? In taking Sociology with Dr. Robert Gardner, I have had the privilege of learning about the origins of many social behaviors, and societies that were common throughout the history of the world. However, in studying the various forms of governance and the many types of societies, I could not help but think about our student association that we have at Southwestern Adventist University. Many of you will think that I am talking about the … [Read more...]

Opinion: The Cafe Needs More Options

Almost all students, as some point or another, frequent the Committee of 100 Cafeteria on the Southwestern campus. It is the only place where all 800 of our students come together to are able to share a meal and socialize. In the last three years that I have been a student, however, I have seen not only declines in café popularity, but also in café attendance. Many students are opting to go to other various restaurants around town, such as 360° and Sweet Peppas, or worse, deciding not to eat at … [Read more...]