November 28, 2014

Opinion: Can We Do More?

David Mwansa

Growing up in Zambia, a small country in southern Africa, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The culture, environment and people are unique. My siblings and I attended Christ-centered schools and became actively involved in the youth ministries at the local church. Fellowship and Sabbath worship was a full-day event, starting with church service, followed by afternoon programs of beautiful tribal choirs in concert, continuing with Bible study and discussion until the sunset. The … [Read more...]

Opinion: God Works in Wonderful Ways

Blanca Zuazua

(Edited by Angela Mangueira) I was studying for a test on Tuesday afternoon and, I am not going to lie, I was feeling overwhelmed. I checked my phone for a break and I saw I had missed a call, but when I saw the name of the person who called I thought it was a mistake. However, I called back, just in case it wasn’t a mistake. Maricela answered and asked if she was talking to Blanca, and at that moment it hit me that it wasn’t a mistake. The conversation went something like … [Read more...]

From Southwestern to The Real World

Lourenca Mangueira

By Lourenca Mangueira (Edited by Angela Mangueira and B.J. Mondesir) I came to Southwestern Adventist University out of the blue. At first I didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious, nervous and scared all at once. I didn’t know a single soul on campus. Behind all that, I didn’t know what to expect. I asked myself the entire trip to the campus, “Am I going to have any friends? Am I capable of make new friends?” Well, guess what? When I first entered my room I met a kind, loving girl … [Read more...]

A School Where You Can Find Peace

Z'undra Nyree Gilbert

(edited by B.J. Mondesir) Many people come to college looking for different things. Some come seeking to find themselves, their life partner or educated friends while others come to ensure comfortable living for their future. Me, personally, I came to college looking to plunge deeper into my spirituality. Southwestern Adventist University has allowed me to grow not only spiritually, but mentally and emotionally as well. The first step to growing spiritually is to start removing chaos from our … [Read more...]

Opinion: Music At Our Sports Events

Evelyn Rubio

(edited by Brisa Ramirez and B.J. Mondesir) Is our University different from any other school? Is it different from a public or any other Christian school? If not, then what’s different other than just the name? As Adventists we are called to be different. When others come to visit us they should be able to see that difference. We shouldn’t act like we belong in this world because the things of this world won’t lead us home to Christ. We are from this world but not of it (Romans … [Read more...]

Opinion: How has Netflix Affected SWAU Students?

Gus Axelson

(edited by Saul Flores) Netflix has been a big part of University student’s lives from watching their favorite shows and movies to watching a random series that their friends suggested. A study done by Geoffrey Graybeal, professor of media and communications at Texas Tech University, found that nine out of ten students use Netflix on a regular basis. Most of the students binge-watch (watching three or more episodes) of their shows. How has this Netflix phenomenon affected Southwestern … [Read more...]

Opinion: Jewelry–Yes or No?

ruby ring

(Edited by Angela Mangueira) On our campus, jewelry is a debate that has been going on for many years and nobody is brave enough to debate about it. When I arrived to Southwestern, jewelry was not allowed because it was inconsistent with Seventh-day Adventist standards. However, even though jewelry is not allowed, students still wear it and I believe that this policy is not being enforced, as it should. As Christians we are called to be separate from the world. My question to people is … [Read more...]

Can Freshmen Be Leaders?

Heididart copy

  (Edited by Jaime Baldwin) The man beside me on the plane was shaking his head. His mouth was wide open in shock and disbelief as he tried to respond to what I told him. Fidgeting with the Darwinism book in his hand, he said “So, you are saying that as a freshman they are sending you all the way to Denver to recruit?” “Yes,” I responded. “My school really gives a lot of opportunities to their students.” He smirked and said, “Why would they trust you with that … [Read more...]

Opinion: What We Wear vs. Who We Are

Brenna Sanchez

(Edited by Jaime Baldwin and Saul Flores) I’ve been hearing a lot around campus about what people are wearing, from the newest jogging pants to the new Uggs coming out this winter season. The clothes we wear today say a lot about ourselves. They can even go as far as to define us. As young adults, we are frequently judged on what we wear by our peers, our elders, and previous generations. And as Christians we should show a reflection of God and all of His glory. Often I see young women … [Read more...]

You’re a Senior. What Did You Expect?

Indiana Melendez

As a senior at Southwestern, I thought I had the whole college time-management thing down to a key. Wake up, go to classes, get a few hours in at work, do homework, study, hit the gym, go to bed, and do it all over again in the morning. This seemed to work for the first three years of undergraduate studies. But the system I came up with freshman year seems to be failing me now that I’m engrossed in upper-division courses and at least 25 hours at work. The class and workload I now have seems … [Read more...]