September 22, 2014

Just Another New Age Opinion Piece on the Rest of Your Lives

Emily Nolasco

“What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” The age-old question that never really gets old, but in all honesty should be retired. Permanently. Seriously, this question has outlived its usefulness, especially in the age of today where you go to school for one thing and end up doing something completely different. Especially in the age of today where teenagers graduate from high school then go on to switch their majors at least once in their college career. Another point to … [Read more...]

Bad News Is Good News

Makala Coleman

Being told that I’ve done something wrong is surprisingly one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. As editor of Status, Southwestern’s Student Association magazine, I can’t help but laugh at the irony. The second issue of the semester was distributed last Thursday. Negative comments about a movie review column one of my writers put together bothered me when I first heard them. A fellow student told me that he didn’t like the use of movies that were not rated G. Later, a faculty member … [Read more...]

The Lightbulb Moment

Glen Robinson

It’s known by several names. The “aha” moment. The “second when the switch turns on.” I call it the “lightbulb moment.” Call it whatever you will, to many professors it is the culmination of four years of university education for their students. Actually, it’s more than that. Students who think that university is just a continuation of high school are in for a rude awakening, and unless they change their thinking, they probably won’t be around for very long. Because learning goes well … [Read more...]

God Can Use You Where You Are

I am a colporteur, and I have been canvassing for some time now. This ministry has been a BIG blessing in my life and has helped strengthen my relationship with Christ. God really uses canvassing to bring hope to people. One day while I was canvassing, I entered a tattoo/smoke shop. The thought that came to mind was, "I hope this is a quick rejection.”  I thought that a place like that was not the prettiest place to bring Christian books to. I stepped in and saw the lady behind the … [Read more...]

Legalize Longboarding

Nolan Bishop

Longboarding is a viable form of transportation and should be embraced as an on-campus travel option. Southwestern has stated that they cannot allow skateboarding for insurance reasons, but what the University, or insurance, may not realize is that skateboards and longboards are far different than they may at first appear. I would compare a longboard to a bicycle before I would compare it to a skateboard.  Skateboards have little plastic wheels that are great for tricks, but are dangerous … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With Jeans?

Tiffany Collier

I must admit there are just some things I don’t understand. Most things, I just dismiss as unimportant. However, there is one thing that I have noticed since coming to college that I just simply can’t dismiss: the kinesiology department’s anti-jeans policy. I grew up on a small farm in central Texas. I wore jeans almost everywhere. Need to round up the cows? Okay, that’s fine. I’m wearing jeans. Need to run after a stray animal? Say…the dog, for instance? Sure. I’m still wearing jeans. I … [Read more...]

Why I Chose Southwestern

Tristan Mikesell

I believe going to Southwestern Adventist University is preparing me for my future. I’m in college because I want to become a police officer. Interestingly enough, you don’t need to have a college degree to become a police officer. However, I believe I need a form of higher education. You never truly know what tomorrow could bring. You’re drinking hot coffee, watching the football game on your nice soft couch one moment, and then out on the streets jobless the next. I knew going to a … [Read more...]

What’s Not Wrong With Southwestern?


I originally started this article with the intention of finding something wrong at Southwestern so that I could in some small way right this injustice. I tried to find something wrong, maybe even looked a little harder than most. It was like I was struck with writer’s block and couldn’t think of anything that was wrong with the place. I was a little perplexed, even upset, that for all my complaining when given the opportunity to put it on paper, nothing came to mind. As I took a mental … [Read more...]

An Unusual Standpoint On Music

Stephanie Rudisaile

Have you ever noticed that we’re constantly surrounded by music? Whether it’s an annoying little jingle about kitty litter that gets stuck in your head or a three-and-a-half hour opera at a prestigious performance hall, music is everywhere. With popular music, it seems as if the trends are always changing. I never thought I would turn into one of those odd middle-aged people who still wear tie-dye shirts and say “groovy,” but sometimes when I turn on my radio only to hear one Justin Beiber … [Read more...]

Sabbath Attire


Growing up with a father who is a pastor and a mother who is a teacher puts quite a bit of stress on how other people perceive you. I am eternally grateful for my parents and how they have raised me, including how I have grown in my religious beliefs because of their example. Through the example of my parents and that of Jesus Christ that I have studied, I saw and to this day attempt to utilize in my own life, the shared qualities of humility and a nonjudgmental attitude. Upon my arrival to … [Read more...]