September 19, 2014

The Takes a Dunking


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The Legacy of Education

Zuri Cortes (center) poses with two other students to promote the CheMaPhy club.

“Education is the one gift you can give someone that will last a lifetime,” says Janice Hall, founder of the Raymond G. “Dick” Hall Jr. Scholarship. Dick was an alumnus of Southwestern Adventist University. As a student of math and biology, he kept very busy on campus. Involved with music and the Church, education became more than classwork. It became his passion. “I remember my husband talking about the wonderful religion classes at Southwestern,” says Janice. “He and other students would … [Read more...]

Called by God

A sophomore nursing major at Southwestern, Choque also considers much an important part of his life.

Peter Choque, sophomore nursing major, felt called from God to come to Southwestern and he’s glad he answered. Growing up in Keene, Choque went to Keene Adventist Elementary School and Chisholm Trail Academy, making Southwestern a natural next step for him. “When I came to Southwestern, I felt really welcomed,” says Choque. “I was determined to come here because I’d heard the nursing program was really great and I really want to be a nurse. So that was another motivation. I also really … [Read more...]

“It Just Fit to Come to Southwestern”

Sophomore pre-physical therapy major Alex Loewen finds that Southwestern is the right place for him to be right now.

Sometimes God lets bad things happen to you in order for you to experience better things. Sometimes those events involve major decisions, such as what you may want to do with the rest of your life. That’s a big one for college students. Some find the decision easy, while others struggle. Alex Loewen, sophomore pre-physical therapy major, decided what he wanted to do when he received first-hand knowledge of it. Loewen was playing basketball when he landed on someone’s foot, causing Loewen’s … [Read more...]

Keeping It Personal

Tiffany Falcon loves her job and her school.

Tiffany Falcon is happy to be a sophomore nursing major at Southwestern, and is doubly happy with her job as a Southwestern recruiter. But she’s learned that often recruiting is more than just saying great things about your school. What makes an effective recruiter is what comes from the heart. A native of Keene, Falcon had plans to go to another Adventist college, but she felt something was off. “So I prayed about it and I ended up coming to Southwestern,” says Falcon. “Because it felt … [Read more...]

A Perfect Fit

Guadalupe Williams

Growing up, Guadalupe Williams wanted to be everything from a doctor to a firefighter, but never imagined herself working as a recruiter. Last year, Guadalupe Williams was Union College’s student body president. This year, she is Southwestern’s newest enrollment counselor. Williams graduated from Union in May with a degree in business administration and an emphasis in marketing and a minor in psychology. While she was pursuing her business degree, Williams felt she wanted to work for Target … [Read more...]

Stepping Up to the Task

Joel Wallace

In a world where everyone strives to be different and special, Joel Wallace, new vice president for financial administration, takes a different approach. “I don’t consider myself that special compared to the people I work with,” says Wallace. “I think the people here are just fantastic; both the people that I work with and the students I’m getting to know.” From a very early age, Wallace knew he wanted to do something in business. “I’ve always been interested in that area, even when I was … [Read more...]

God Has Better Plans

Mario Labrador gave up on his first love, baseball, in order to come to Southwestern.

Mario Labrador is in love with baseball. He’s been swinging a bat since the age of six. Last summer, Labrador traded his chance at the big leagues for a chance at Christian education. He’s now a communication major at Southwestern Adventist University. “Baseball was my entire life,” says Labrador. “It was a really tough choice to come to Southwestern. But no matter what decision you make, if you make it through Christ it will all work out. It will all be OK with Christ.” It all started … [Read more...]

Southwestern Welcomes New Human Resources Director

Denise Rivera

Until the age of 14, Denise Rivera always thought she was going to be a nurse. Then she candy striped, which cemented the fact that she didn’t want to become a nurse. From there, she went into the business side of things. Today her natural love for people and numbers has led her to her responsibility as the new director of human resources for Southwestern Adventist University. “I think a good human resources director needs to be organized and I think he or she needs to have good people … [Read more...]

Audio Slideshow: Finals at the Library

Junior journalism student Makala Coleman shares her view of the finals experience. … [Read more...]