November 27, 2015

Strengthening a Relationship with God

Attending a university whether its public or private is a daunting task, especially when people tell someone that it is impossible and they’ll never be able to do it.  This was the circumstance that Alondra Zavala, junior education major, had in front of her. “Southwestern really impacted my life a lot because it was all I had my senior year in high school,” says Zavala. “I was told that I wasn’t able to attend Southwestern because it was too expensive, and since I was born in Mexico, where … [Read more...]

SLAD Launches Shoebox Project for Needy Children

Thanksgiving is a time that is usually spent with family making new memories and remembering the old. For Southwestern Adventist University students this year, the weeks leading up to this holiday will look a little different than in previous years. This year, they are taking on the task of assembling 50 shoeboxes filled with items to ship throughout Texas and overseas. The Spiritual Life and Development Department has launched a new project called “Christmas in a Shoebox” to raise funds and … [Read more...]

“Tell The World” Actor Visits Southwestern

Southwestern Adventist University welcomed actor Timothy Paul Coderre onto the stage of Wharton Auditorium on Monday night, October 19. Corderre and his wife Annette are traveling across America in their RV and happened upon Keene, Texas where their friend Kyle Portbury now teaches film to the communication students as an associate professor. Before Portbury came to Southwestern he directed a $6 million film called “Tell the World” in which Tim plays the part of Joseph Bates. During the Q … [Read more...]

Never Looking Back

When a student comes out of high school, usually their biggest decision is what college to attend and what degree to pursue. Most students ask relatives, do research or ask friends that are already in college to help them make the right choice.  But when a student prays and asks God to lead the way there is no bad decision that will come from that.  This is the route Matthew Hanson, freshman theology major decided to take as he was getting ready to choose a college. “I was actually going to … [Read more...]

Across the Street Ministers to Little Ones

The Spiritual Life and Development department at Southwestern Adventist University is revitalizing and bringing new life into one of its programs. Designed as a way for college students to give back to their community, Across the Street Ministry aims to give students a unique way to serve through assisting the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church's various children's Sabbath school programs. Matthew Hanson, a freshman theology major from Gentry, Arkansas, coordinates the program and wants … [Read more...]

Theology Student Benefits from the Generosity of Others

Health is the right hand of the gospel, and no one knew that better than R. Allen Jamison. So, when Judith Jamison-Payne decided to start a scholarship in memory of her husband, she asked that it be given to a theology student with an interest in health ministry. “Everything we do is dependent on health,” says Jamison-Payne, “even our relationship with God. It’s what Christ did: heal, teach, and preach.” R. Allen Jamison received a Bachelor of Arts in theology from Pacific Union College … [Read more...]

Endowed Funds Make Scholarships Available for Students

Alumni and friends of Southwestern Adventist University are making a university education possible for many of today’s students through scholarships. And endowed funds make those scholarships possible, thanks to people like Jack Casey. An endowed scholarship fund is an investment in the future because it allows the scholarship dollars to be taken from the earnings of the original donation. Scholarships can be awarded to Southwestern students based on academic achievement, special talents, … [Read more...]

Media: World War I Memorabilia On Display in Meadows Gallery

Tristan Mikesell features the World War I exhibit in Meadows Gallery for his Photojournalism Audio Slideshow project: … [Read more...]

Audio Slideshow: Southwestern Audiovisual

Andrew Austin shares a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make audiovisual work on campus. … [Read more...]

Mendenhalls Retire After 45 Years of Service

Dr. Robert "Bob" R. Mendenhall, professor of communication, and his wife Bev, director of alumni services, have announced their retirement ending 45 years of service at Southwestern Adventist University.  A  reception held for the Mendenhalls at the Hopps Museum on April 11 hosted many of their former students. The Mendenhalls have devoted their lives to the improvement of Southwestern and service to students, including Bob's start of Southwestern's communication program and the founding … [Read more...]