October 21, 2014

Experiencing the iPhone 6

Ashley Feliciano-Rosario

by Ashley Feliciano-Rosario EXPERIENCING THE IPHONE 6 After only having an iPhone 5c for a short six months, I decided to get the new iPhone 6. After watching the Apple Keynote and seeing that the new iPhone would have a faster processor, better camera, bigger screen, longer battery life, and thinner appearance I was only semi sold. Already having an iPhone, I really did not “need” to get it, but when they introduced the features of Apple Pay, I was sold! With Apple Pay, I’d be able to … [Read more...]

Close to Home, On His Own

Josh writes down the words to a new song for his group.

“I’ve wanted to attend Southwestern Adventist University ever since I heard of it,” says Josh Ramirez, a freshman theology major. “I wanted something that was close to home but still have the chance of having the experience of living on my own and having that college experience.” When Ramirez first arrived here at SWAU, he knew he wanted to study theology. “I love doing ministry and it’s something fulfilling,” says Ramirez. “It makes me feel like I am doing something to better this world. … [Read more...]

Fall Calls for New Fashion on Campus

Although it may not look it yet, fall is here on the Southwestern campus.

Fall season is the time when you can layer clothes without melting in them, and even walk outside with a light jacket without freezing. Fall is definitely an all-around season for fashion. This fall will surely be shortest season of all, as it took a long time to finally arrive. As morning classes start, all you see is students with their backpacks rushing from one end of campus to the other dressed in their chunky jackets. Girls tend to appreciate the fall season more as they dress in their … [Read more...]

No Turning Back

Lizeth Jimenez feels at home on the Southwestern campus.

Lizeth Jimenez, a junior psychology and education major from Garland, Texas, was unsure about college after high school. But ever since she made the decision to accept God’s call, she hasn’t turned back. Before deciding to come to Southwestern, Jimenez was in the process of joining the Navy, meeting with recruiters on a regular basis, until one of her pastors, Mark Valadez, a graduate of Southwestern now pastoring at the Keene Spanish SDA Church, told her to look towards a new light. “I … [Read more...]

Student Pastoring Provides Firsthand Experience

Student pastor Arturo Quintero delivers the message The Body of Christ to his congregation.

(Edited by Saul Flores) Student pastoring is a program at Southwestern Adventist University that gives theology majors a firsthand experience in the duties of a senior pastor. Currently I am enrolled in the student pastoring program and can testify that it’s a very useful experience. The program presents you with real-life experiences that can't be taught in a classroom setting. There are specific guidelines that the student and pastor have to follow to assure a good learning experience. … [Read more...]

Real Talk Ministry Reaches Out to Students

real talk copy

(Edited by B. J. Mondesir) The life of a college student is not always fun and games. Busy schedules, difficult classes and the stress of figuring out where you want to go in life are just a few examples of the everyday things students deal with. It is very common for us as college students to need someone we can talk to or go to for advice. However, we don’t always want to go to someone our own age, or someone we have to see everyday on campus, or even our families. At Southwestern … [Read more...]

How to Add Exercise to College Life

exercise collage

Students’ lives are filled with tests, lectures, projects, work, and social events. It can seem like exercise is nearly impossible to fit into your schedule. But according to the Mayo Clinic, exercise has benefits that a student can benefit from, including weight control, energy boosts, and better sleep. “When I don’t work out, I just feel off,” says Eric Rodriguez, sophomore theology major. “Exercise helps me to be more productive in all aspects of life. I feel more productive and way less … [Read more...]

“I Saw God Work In Really Amazing Ways”

Isai Ramirez (left) assists a dentist during his time in the Philippines.

(edited by Brisa Ramirez) Last school year I had the opportunity to go as a student missionary to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. I served as a dental and medical assistant in the church’s new clinic, Pagudpud Adventist Wellness Center, and as a Bible worker in the community. In the clinic I assisted the doctors, nurses, and the dentist. I helped in taking vital signs, assisting in minor operations, teeth extractions, and teeth cleaning, among other things. In our group of student … [Read more...]

Student Shares Experience in New Fire Science Program

firescience copy

(Edited by B.J. Mondesir) Having the opportunity to participate in the Southwestern Adventist University Fire Science Program for its first year is an experience that will last a lifetime. It is so awesome being able to follow my dreams of becoming a fire fighter and getting a Christian education at the same time. The instructors, Brent Batla and Michael Moffitt, are excellent. Not only do they teach great fire fighting skills but the instructors also instill maturity and respect into all … [Read more...]

Southwestern Students Assist at Fun Fest

Stephanie Guerrero assist a KAES student with his sumo attire.

Students of Southwestern Adventist University assisted in the annual Keene Adventist Elementary School Family Fun Fest this weekend. University freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all found a way to contribute to Fun Fest. “I just showed up and suddenly I was volunteering,” said Dhyana Ebanks-Johnson, sophomore music education major. She helped at a basketball stand, one of Fun Fest’s many games. She enjoyed helping the elementary students and giving them the prizes that they would earn … [Read more...]