October 31, 2014

Across the Street Ministry Benefits Communities, Students

across thhe street ministries

The Spiritual Life and Development office has made improvements to their ministry called Across the Street. Jeffrey Hernandez, a student chaplain and sophomore theology major, has taken the position as coordinator for this ministry. Hernandez is now in charge of overseeing the three newly defined branches which include children, worship, and connections. This outreach project is intended to not only benefit different communities, but also students. “It allows Southwestern students to reach … [Read more...]

Moving from Home School to College

livingston copy

(Edited by Saul Flores and Jaime Baldwin) Being home-schooled was a great experience, but there are some major differences between home schooling and college. First of all, the transition between home-school and college can be scary, but for me it was not too hard.  My mom taught me from first grade to eleventh grade, but my senior year I attended the local high school.  After I graduated, I enrolled at New Mexico State University (NMSU) and last year I transferred to Southwestern … [Read more...]

Mission to the Marshall Islands

Marlene Espiricueta gives Dolly a piggy back ride after school.

(edited by Saul Flores) My name is Marlene Espiricueta, but for 10 months I was known as Miss Mendez. A few months ago I took the decision to be a missionary, as I had planned when I was a kid, but it became a reality when I got to Southwestern Adventist University. I did not know where to go or how to get there but I knew God was there for me. I finally got the call to go to a very tiny country called Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. My duty was to be the Bible teacher … [Read more...]

A Student Shares Her View on iPhone 6

After having an iPhone 5c for six short months, I decided to get the new iPhone 6. After watching the Apple Keynote and seeing that the new iPhone would have a faster processor, better camera, bigger screen, longer battery life, and thinner appearance I was only semi sold. Already having an iPhone, I really did not “need” to get it, but when they introduced the features of Apple Pay, I was sold! With Apple Pay, I’d be able to complete a transaction on my phone and at stores by simply placing my … [Read more...]


Last year's Enactus Team.

  (Edited by Saul Flores and Brisa Ramirez) Southwestern Adventist University ENACTUS team has four projects in mind and almost in action for this school year. These are Business in a Box, Spoons for Change, Rez Refuge (Navajo Trip), and a project with the City of Cleburne. Business in a Box is a project for the elementary and middle school students in the Keene schools. This project will show the children basic entrepreneurial skills for them to raise their own money and become a … [Read more...]

Midterms? Students Share Their Reaction

Astrid Pardita

(Edited by Saul Flores and Angela Mangueira) Southwestern Adventist University is in the middle of midterms, and students are somewhat optimistic. Freshmen face their first college test week. Seniors feel pressure to succeed in their last fall semester. No matter what grade level, there are three things each student should remember: study, sleep, and don’t stress. “The pressure is on,” says Angel Zayas, senior kinesiology major. “I had several midterms this week and I feel like there … [Read more...]

Close to Home, On His Own

Josh writes down the words to a new song for his group.

“I’ve wanted to attend Southwestern Adventist University ever since I heard of it,” says Josh Ramirez, a freshman theology major. “I wanted something that was close to home but still have the chance of having the experience of living on my own and having that college experience.” When Ramirez first arrived here at SWAU, he knew he wanted to study theology. “I love doing ministry and it’s something fulfilling,” says Ramirez. “It makes me feel like I am doing something to better this world. … [Read more...]

Fall Calls for New Fashion on Campus

Although it may not look it yet, fall is here on the Southwestern campus.

Fall season is the time when you can layer clothes without melting in them, and even walk outside with a light jacket without freezing. Fall is definitely an all-around season for fashion. This fall will surely be shortest season of all, as it took a long time to finally arrive. As morning classes start, all you see is students with their backpacks rushing from one end of campus to the other dressed in their chunky jackets. Girls tend to appreciate the fall season more as they dress in their … [Read more...]

No Turning Back

Lizeth Jimenez feels at home on the Southwestern campus.

Lizeth Jimenez, a junior psychology and education major from Garland, Texas, was unsure about college after high school. But ever since she made the decision to accept God’s call, she hasn’t turned back. Before deciding to come to Southwestern, Jimenez was in the process of joining the Navy, meeting with recruiters on a regular basis, until one of her pastors, Mark Valadez, a graduate of Southwestern now pastoring at the Keene Spanish SDA Church, told her to look towards a new light. “I … [Read more...]

Student Pastoring Provides Firsthand Experience

Student pastor Arturo Quintero delivers the message The Body of Christ to his congregation.

(Edited by Saul Flores) Student pastoring is a program at Southwestern Adventist University that gives theology majors a firsthand experience in the duties of a senior pastor. Currently I am enrolled in the student pastoring program and can testify that it’s a very useful experience. The program presents you with real-life experiences that can't be taught in a classroom setting. There are specific guidelines that the student and pastor have to follow to assure a good learning experience. … [Read more...]