October 22, 2016

Jalen Wells Survives Six Years of Basketball Injuries

Jalen Wells, a communication sophomore at Southwestern, has had an injury somewhere on his body for six consecutive years due to basketball. Wells’ first injury in basketball was a severe concussion. He had been shooting hoops, and he didn’t realize that they had recently cleaned the court. He slipped on a section of the floor that was still wet, flipped over, landed on his head, and got a third-degree concussion. The next year, he tore his left meniscus when he landed badly, causing his knee … [Read more...]

Matthew Hanson: Master of Time Management

From participating in every activity to planning them, Matthew Hanson knows how to make the most of the allotted 24 hours given to him in a day.  He is involved in practically every committee offered on the Southwestern Adventist University campus and is a full-time student. He is the ministries vice president for the Student Association, Assistant Chaplain of the Spiritual Life and Development on the campus, SWAT Captain, a member of Collegiate Adventists for Better Living (CABL), Enactus … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About It: Loss (Video)

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Student Overcomes Personal Challenges to Help Others

From living through the World Trade Center collapsing in New York and surviving an illness that is going to be with him for the rest of his life, computer science major Kenneth Polling’s story begins in Pullman, Michigan where he lived his first eight years of life. Poling’s parents visited 3ABN, an Adventist television-broadcasting network, in 1995 when he was just two years old and in 2001, 3ABN asked his parents to work for them. They went for an interview around the end of August leaving … [Read more...]

How a Field Trip Showed Me My Future

Ten arrested in illegal rehab center. Freud on Fox News. Ex-Dallas Republican mayor speaking against Donald Trump. These were just a few of the stories that caught my eye as I flipped through the Dallas Morning-News newspaper on our way to visit their Dallas offices last Thursday. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this field trip my professor and advisor Dr. Glen Robinson had been so excited to take us on. With my classmate Herman and I being the only two students in the first Reporting III … [Read more...]

Her Talented Fingers Are Taking Her Places

First-year biology and music major Lindsey Johnson, is a girl of many talents.  She’s a natural-born leader, an avid gymnast as well as someone who happens to be endowed with the skills of a semi-professional pianist. This skill enabled her to become a piano finalist in one of the many music competitions she’s participated in. As a result, she received a music scholarship at Southwestern Adventist University; in short, she is a girl who has gone places in her eighteen years. Johnson has … [Read more...]

The Keys to Handling Interpersonal Conflict

(edited by Judy Yong  and Jordan Greene) One of the major tasks of life is learning how to manage conflict, and for most people, this becomes a difficult task. Part of the problem is that we learn rules about conflict early on from our family, and assume that everyone else is aware of the same rules as well. The conflict comes when people don’t play by our rules and instead expect us to play by theirs. This can be shocking at times because the rules your family taught you worked—in your … [Read more...]

Elevate Hosts Game Night at Keene SDA Church

(Edited by Keysha M. Ortiz Ramos and Jordan Greene) Elevate hosted a game night on Saturday, Sept. 24. Elevate is a ministry that Keene Church provides for the young adults in its congregation, as well as the college students that attend Southwestern Adventist University. Elevate decided to host a game night to reach out to their current attendees, with the hope of inviting more people to come join. They put together a number of games including Scrabble, Uno, Mafia, and Life. Nachos, cookies, … [Read more...]

Meet Your SA Parlimentarian

(Edited by Keysha M. Ortiz Ramos) I began as a student services senator during the 2015-2016 school year. My job was to think of ideas and projects that would help better the SWAU campus. I must have made quite an impression because I was asked to become the 2016-2017 SA parliamentarian just right after I put my senator title to rest. Many people ask me, however, what a parliamentarian is and what I do for our student body. Parliamentarian is an easily forgotten but important role in the … [Read more...]

A Chance to Give Back to Others

Ever since he was a little boy, Alex Loewen has always had an interest in the human body and how it worked. Growing up in McKinney, Texas, Loewen, was homeschooled all the way through high school, and couldn’t wait for science class so his mom could teach him and his twin brother more about the human body, in particular bones. As his interest and passion for the human body blossomed, he knew what he wanted to pursue for his future career. He wanted to be a physical therapist. Now a senior … [Read more...]