November 29, 2014

ExpressHim Ministry

(Edited by Bj Mondesir and Angela Mangueira) What is ExpressHim? ExpressHim is the drama ministry on campus that uses their talent of acting, singing, and their love for God to get a moralistic message out through the many skits and series they produce. ExpressHim is now going into their second year of being an official club and it seems to be growing into a beautiful opportunity for those on campus who want to put their talents to this specific skill set. Express Him was founded by Laura … [Read more...]

Music a Big Part in Students’ Lives

Cindy Ortega

(Edited By Saul Flores and Angela Mangueira) Music plays a big part in today’s society.  Life at Southwestern Adventist University is not exempt from this reality of life. Many of the students at Southwestern, are big fans of music while others have more limited playlists. “I prefer listening to classical music,” says Erika Martinez music major. "Most of the time I listen to music when I wake up in the morning and right before I go to bed.” Different students listen to music at … [Read more...]

Music Groups Glorify God on Campus

contagious faith

(Edited by Brisa Ramirez and Angela Mangueira) There are several different music groups at Southwestern that have dedicated time to glorify the name of God in their worship through music. Some write their own original music while some like to take songs and put their own spin on them. Robert Leslie, a member of the group Real, says that his favorite part of being in a band is that he can express himself with like-minded brothers and sisters of Christ. He enjoys signing and being a part of … [Read more...]

ESL Students Face Challenges of New Country

Heder Sampaio

Coming to a new country is hard. Coming to learn the language of the country can be even harder. However, Southwestern Adventist University offers an English as a Second Language course for those who want to learn English. It gives them an opportunity to accomplish the goals they desire and make the adjustment of moving to America. With teachers such as Monica Kowarsch, the department chair and grammar teacher, and Melanie Padon, the speech teacher, current students and former students both feel … [Read more...]

Field Trips: A Great Learning Method for Students

Kevin Gonzalez

(edited by Saul Flores and B.J. Mondesir) Field trips are a good distraction for busy college students because it allows you to focus on things other than college work. Recently Southwestern Adventist University's business department went on a field trip to the Eleventh District Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas. Our trip took almost half of the day. Many of the students dressed up semi-formally and others dressed casually to attend the trip. I was glad to take a break from our campus and go … [Read more...]

Sisters Sell Brownies for Honors Trip

Nicole and Kilory Weis fight off invaders during a trip to Hadrian's wall in Great Britain.

(edited by Jaime Baldwin and B.J. Mondesir) Brownies have paved the way for my sister and I to Fort Worth, England, Scotland, France, and now, hopefully, to this year’s Honor’s Tour destination: Greece. It all started when my sister, Kilory, our friend Eryn Hopps, and I were juniors at Chisholm Trail Academy. We needed money to go to Youth for Jesus. We sang silly songs in the hallway for donations. Our mom thought we would make more money if we sang silly brownie jingles and sold … [Read more...]

Club Helps International Family Grow

The Southwestern International Club gather for a photo.

(edited by B. J. Mondesir) International Student Club (ISC) was founded by Henry Huynh, a Vietnamese international student currently enrolled at Southwestern Adventist University. ISC’s mission is to encourage the interaction among international students at Southwestern, support their needs physically, mentally and spiritually. The club also raises cultural awareness in Southwestern and promotes social interaction between international and non-international students. We occasionally have … [Read more...]

Student Missions: “Because I Said So”

Brandi Wilson with some of her students

(edited by Brisa Ramirez) I love being in control. I hate it when I'm not. But If I could have a theme for my time in Africa, I would title it "because I said so." Why? Sometimes God asks us to do things without giving us a reason. Or maybe something happens that we don't understand. The point is: we aren't in control. The entire time I was in Kenya this seemed to be the case. To start off, my airport burned down the night before I was supposed to fly. Then, after I got there, the … [Read more...]

Despite Cancer, Student Shines Her Light


A student of Southwestern Adventist University has taken her leave due to breast cancer. But even now continues to make an impact on people’s lives. Maria Maciel, a sophomore dentistry and psychology major, made her announcement during a girl’s dorm worship to leave this weekend to return home to Arkansas. According to Maciel, she felt a little different since the end of her freshman year of college at SWAU. However, at first she hadn’t thought much of it. “At the end of July I felt … [Read more...]

Living the Life of an R.A.

Rubby Gyamfi

(edited by B. J. Mondesir) When I first got to Southwestern Adventist University, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was my first time at a private religious institution since I was about 8 years old. I had never been to an academy. So living in the dorm was truly something I had to adjust to. I've been at Southwestern for about three and a half years now and I've been blessed with the opportunity of being a resident assistant (R.A.) for three of those years. Coming from a public school I … [Read more...]