April 21, 2015

Mendenhalls Retire After 45 Years of Service

The Mendenhalls look on as well wishers greet them during the reception on April 11.

Dr. Robert "Bob" R. Mendenhall, professor of communication, and his wife Bev, director of alumni services, have announced their retirement ending 45 years of service at Southwestern Adventist University.  A  reception held for the Mendenhalls at the Hopps Museum on April 11 hosted many of their former students. The Mendenhalls have devoted their lives to the improvement of Southwestern and service to students, including Bob's start of Southwestern's communication program and the founding … [Read more...]

God Has Better Plans

Heidi Dart is proud to call herself a communication student at Southwestern.

When God has a purpose for you and a better place for you, it’s best if you follow God’s plans and not your own.  This is what Heidi Dart, a freshman public relations and marketing major, learned. “My parents came here to Southwestern, but I told myself that I wanted to follow a new path.  I wasn’t about to go to SWAU,” says Dart. “But last year during spring break I came to visit and I broke down crying. My mom asked why I was crying and I told her that I knew God wanted me here, but I … [Read more...]

Space to Grow

Karina Lima

When a Christian knows he or she is being led by God, that person can’t go against His will and what He has planned for them. This was the case of Karina Lima, a junior English and art major at Southwestern Adventist University. “God has a good sense of humor,” says Lima. “My parents are in New York and I wanted to attend a university closer to home. So I applied to four different universities. I included Southwestern as one of them because my grandma had always wanted me to go to an … [Read more...]

Making a Joyful Noise

Trent Muse Picture

“I felt that God has given me the gift of music for a reason,” says Trent Muse, freshman music education major. “It’s so I will use this gift of playing piano and other instruments for His glory.” When most kids start playing piano, their parents often have to push them to practice and commit time to getting better. Some kids don’t like this; they even get angry and start crying when they are learning piano. But this wasn’t the case for Muse. “Actually, my older brother was taking piano … [Read more...]

My Best For His Glory

Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez didn’t think he could attend Southwestern Adventist University because he felt he couldn’t afford the tuition. Four years later, he’s set to graduate from Southwestern as 2015 senior class president, a position that has taught him lessons in humility and responsibility. “I always wanted to attend SWAU,” says Daniel Perez, senior theology major. “But I didn’t have the funds to cover the tuition. After a while I got a call from a recruiter encouraging me to attend the University. I … [Read more...]

Club Seeks Volunteers for Local Mission Work

Evelyn Rubio and Isai Ramirez volunteer their time at Adventist Community Services in Keene.

Southwestern’s Missions Club prepared “care kits” yesterday at Adventist Community Services’ Disaster Relief Depot in Keene. This was the first of many volunteer opportunities to be offered by the Missions Club. The club wants students to learn that mission work is more than just travel to needy countries. It’s a mindset for home and abroad. “Mission work changed my life,” says Evelyn Rubio, Missions Club vice president. “I’ve never gone on a mission trip, but helping in the community … [Read more...]

International Student Club Welcomes New Year

International Student Club

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Adventist Leaders Learn English at Southwestern

Konstantin and Vasiliy

Learning a new language is hard, but for a student to do it in a month is even harder. That is the challenge that Adventist Church leaders and English as a Second Language students Konstantin Kampen and Vasiliy Kostyuk are trying to accomplish here at Southwestern Adventist Universities ESL (English as a Second Language) program. “Learning English will help me a lot,” says Konstantin Kampen. “Some people such as my financial director only speak English and if I can’t speak with them I can … [Read more...]

Students Share Views on Finals Week

It's the time of the year when students of Southwestern Adventist University are trying to ram everything that they’ve learned from the beginning of the semester into their brains so that they can pass the dreaded final exam. Students are filling the library rooms and tables, dedicating time to their notes and textbooks. Friends are motivating others to keep going when they want to give up. The atmosphere of the campus is intense and frustrated all due to the final exams. Everyone is trying to … [Read more...]

Southwestern From the Eyes of An ESL Student

Imaculada Alfredo

Few days remain in the semester, and it's time for ESL students to receive their diplomas. Another hard semester has passed and all hope to finish strong. The ESL Program at Southwestern started in the 1960s under the name CELL, meaning Center for English Language Learning. In 1990, the program was restructured and today it offers students the opportunity to study English before continuing or starting other academic programs or careers. Imaculada Alfredo has been in ESL for one semester … [Read more...]