December 19, 2014

Students Respond to Idea of An LGBT Support Group at SWAU

In recent years, the topic of homosexuality in the Seventh-day Adventist Church has become more and more commonplace, especially in our higher education institutions. Several schools have adopted the idea of a gay/straight alliance through support groups for LGBT students. In 2008, a Pacific Union College student created a group called GASP (Gay and Straight People) to open up the conversation of homosexuality and create a place for safety and support. According to PUC’s Campus Chronicle, the … [Read more...]

Students Help Produce Short Film


“Accompaniment,” a locally produced short film, premiered on Dec. 1 and 13 on the Southwestern campus. David Pollock served as producer, director, script writer, and editor. A graphic design manager in Southwestern’s marketing department, Pollock assembled a team of students and began the production of the film in summer, 2013. “I really wanted to show people that Southwestern students have talent and potential to do great things. I wanted to showcase their abilities and maybe even push them … [Read more...]

Creationist to Speak Tomorrow


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Local Short Film To Show on Saturday

Accompaniment Invitation 2

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SA To Host Ice Skating on Saturday


The Student Association will host an ice skating event at The Parks Mall in Arlington on Saturday. Students are encouraged to wear ugly sweaters to this event for an ugly sweater contest. Buses will leave from the library parking lot at 7:15 p.m. This is the last Student Association Saturday night event this semester. SWAY (Southwestern Adventist Youth) will also meet this Saturday at 6 p.m. Van Dai Ly and Nu Pham will speak at that event. Brittany Lacerda, junior business major and member … [Read more...]

Professor Publishes Book on Jonathan

Glen Robinson

Glen Robinson, professor of communication, is launching his 19th book on Dec. 1, but this time it’s a little different from the modern Christian suspense he is known for. Titled Chosen, the book is about the first prince of Israel, Jonathan, son of King Saul. Robinson started writing the book in August, 2014. He says that the story of Jonathan is in fact “very heroic and full of adventure.” The thing that made Jonathan so special is that he was dedicated to God, loyal to his father, yet was … [Read more...]

Marketing Announces Video Contest for Students


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Low Gas Prices Benefit SWAU Students

The closest gas station to SWAU campus has great gas price.

  With gas prices in Texas being as low as they are, Southwestern Adventist University students are taking advantage of filling up their car while saving money. “We are really lucky here in Texas,” says Christian Santizo, senior accounting major. “We have some of the lowest gas prices compared to other states.” The price of gas has dropped 13 cents and hasn’t been this low since December 2010. This is great news for students, because it saves them money while filling up their … [Read more...]

SA To Host Open Mic Night

open mic night

The Student Association will host an open mic night Saturday Nov. 15. The event will take place at the Student Center at 8 p.m. Students are invited to showcase talents such as singing, poetry reading, and drama performances. Originally, the student association had planned a talent show for this Saturday. “The open mic night is a more casual event. We had intended on having our (Adventist Intercollegiate Association) fundraiser this Saturday, however, now we are planning on raising that money … [Read more...]

Students React to Presidential Inauguration

Dr. Ken Shaw greets Raquel Acevedo, freshman education major, after Inaugural Ceremony.

To formally welcome new president Dr. Ken Shaw, Southwestern Adventist University held a two-day inaugural celebration last week that stirred up quite the excitement among students around campus. The events consisted of an Inaugural Gala, a $100-a-seat benefit dinner to raise money for student scholarships, the Inaugural Ceremony, featuring faculty, past presidents, Board members, delegates, emeriti, and community guests, and a light lunch reception in the Chan Shun Centennial Library … [Read more...]