November 26, 2015

“It Just Fit to Come to Southwestern”

Sometimes God lets bad things happen to you in order for you to experience better things. Sometimes those events involve major decisions, such as what you may want to do with the rest of your life. That’s a big one for college students. Some find the decision easy, while others struggle. Alex Loewen, sophomore pre-physical therapy major, decided what he wanted to do when he received first-hand knowledge of it. Loewen was playing basketball when he landed on someone’s foot, causing Loewen’s … [Read more...]

A Heart for the World

Kerrie Kimbrow, professor of nursing at Southwestern Adventist University, loves to travel. She’s been to 49 countries. Kimbrow hopes to pass on her love for nursing, as well as love for travel to her students. Kimbrow got her first travel bug as a child when her family took a trip across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They had been on a study leave to the U.S. Rather than fly home to Australia, they traveled across four continents, 31 countries, and two oceans. “I just love … [Read more...]

An Unexpected Internship

Alyssa Graves, senior business major at Southwestern, has a ten-year plan and intends to stick to it, but sometimes things work out unexpectedly. “God has a plan,” says Graves. “And my plan was definitely not what he had in mind.” Graves’ strategy was to get an internship at a local business, graduate from college, attend higher education, and work in the business field. Graves applied for an internship at a business in Cleburne. Several of her family works at that business, so she felt she … [Read more...]

Hook, Line and Sinker

“You know when you’re fishing and you’re trying to catch a big fish, the hook will set but you don’t reel it in right away,” says Eddie Michaels, sophomore theology major. “It goes its own way and gets tired of fighting and eventually you just reel it in.” Michaels sees the moment in third grade when he prayed his school’s salvation prayer as setting the hook for his salvation. But from then on, until age 20, Michaels was putting up that fight. At twenty years old he had looked around and … [Read more...]

Where God Calls You

Michael Gibson thought he wanted to become an engineer, but by the time he got to his senior year of high school he decided engineering wasn’t meant for him. It took a late night encounter with a homeless mother and child in the Philippines to convince him that God indeed had a plan for him. During his junior year at Sandia View Academy, Gibson signed up for an evangelistic mission trip to the Philippines. Thinking he could help out with audio/visual needs, he was thoroughly surprised when … [Read more...]

Listening to God on the Spiritual Battlefield

“When you grow up a Christian, you’re at the front of a spiritual battle,” says Stephanie Rudisaile, junior English/education major at Southwestern. “It’s important to know that you can have a powerful Christian experience without a dramatic instant in your life.” Rudisaile grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist. In her own words, she had a normal life. Yet, when God is involved, there’s no such thing as normal. The summer before Rudisaile came to Southwestern, she worked at Nameless Valley … [Read more...]

A Creative College Experience

Matthew House, senior communication major at Southwestern, designs his own college experience. Since childhood, he taught himself video production and graphic design skills. Now, he continues to study and prepare for life after graduation. “To learn the creative side you have to do things yourself,” said House. “Classes are good for teaching theory, but you learn most of your actual skills doing stuff on your own.” In his free time, House designs 3-D graphics and graphic design, creates … [Read more...]

Berkner Adds Experience to Education Faculty

Donna Berkner didn’t have far to go to join the faculty at Southwestern. In fact, she and her husband, Henry, have been married for 38 years and lived that entire time in the city of Keene. Today they have two grown children, daughter Bree and son Dayne. Now an associate professor in the department of education, Berkner started off her career as a dental hygienist. When she decided that education was more to her liking, she returned to school and received her degree in education from … [Read more...]

The Right Way To Do Things

A dream. The world is at an end. Buildings collapse at every corner. A fire breaks out across the street. People run in all directions, but one person stands still. It’s a homeless man. As you approach him, he asks a single question: “What are you doing with your life?” Austen Powell, freshmen theology major, woke up with a start. That question resonated in his mind. “I was in one of those moments when you say to God, ‘It’s OK; I got this,’” said Powell. “I wasn’t doing anything for God … [Read more...]

A Familiar Stranger on Campus

Every now and then faculty members leave or move to other departments. New people take their place, and often we see new faces on campus. But Southwestern’s new vice president for spiritual development isn’t quite what you’d expect. Meet Pastor Russ Laughlin. He’s never worked for Southwestern before, but that doesn’t mean he’s a stranger. From youth Bible studies to activities with the local high schools and grade schools, Laughlin has been a committed part of the Keene community for 17 … [Read more...]