October 25, 2016

Opinion: The Joy of Transferring from a Community College (Podcast)

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“Tell The World” Actor Visits Southwestern

Southwestern Adventist University welcomed actor Timothy Paul Coderre onto the stage of Wharton Auditorium on Monday night, October 19. Corderre and his wife Annette are traveling across America in their RV and happened upon Keene, Texas where their friend Kyle Portbury now teaches film to the communication students as an associate professor. Before Portbury came to Southwestern he directed a $6 million film called “Tell the World” in which Tim plays the part of Joseph Bates. During the Q … [Read more...]

Mud Volleyball Scheduled for Saturday night

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Handball Class Clash Revised

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Music Groups Glorify God on Campus

(Edited by Brisa Ramirez and Angela Mangueira) There are several different music groups at Southwestern that have dedicated time to glorify the name of God in their worship through music. Some write their own original music while some like to take songs and put their own spin on them. Robert Leslie, a member of the group Real, says that his favorite part of being in a band is that he can express himself with like-minded brothers and sisters of Christ. He enjoys signing and being a part of … [Read more...]

Opinion: God Works in Wonderful Ways

(Edited by Angela Mangueira) I was studying for a test on Tuesday afternoon and, I am not going to lie, I was feeling overwhelmed. I checked my phone for a break and I saw I had missed a call, but when I saw the name of the person who called I thought it was a mistake. However, I called back, just in case it wasn’t a mistake. Maricela answered and asked if she was talking to Blanca, and at that moment it hit me that it wasn’t a mistake. The conversation went something like … [Read more...]

Opinion: Jewelry–Yes or No?

(Edited by Angela Mangueira) On our campus, jewelry is a debate that has been going on for many years and nobody is brave enough to debate about it. When I arrived to Southwestern, jewelry was not allowed because it was inconsistent with Seventh-day Adventist standards. However, even though jewelry is not allowed, students still wear it and I believe that this policy is not being enforced, as it should. As Christians we are called to be separate from the world. My question to people is … [Read more...]

Students Are Excited About New IHOP

With the news of an International House of Pancakes being built in Cleburne, Southwestern Adventist University students are getting ready to enjoy the 24-hour diner. “Having an IHOP close by is really exciting,” says Christian Santizo, senior accounting major. “First their pancakes are really good and having them close by is great. IHOP is much better than Denny’s and most importantly it’s my favorite American restaurant for breakfast.” Students generally have a busy schedule, and some … [Read more...]

Student Shares Experience in New Fire Science Program

(Edited by B.J. Mondesir) Having the opportunity to participate in the Southwestern Adventist University Fire Science Program for its first year is an experience that will last a lifetime. It is so awesome being able to follow my dreams of becoming a fire fighter and getting a Christian education at the same time. The instructors, Brent Batla and Michael Moffitt, are excellent. Not only do they teach great fire fighting skills but the instructors also instill maturity and respect into all … [Read more...]

Southwestern Students Assist at Fun Fest

Students of Southwestern Adventist University assisted in the annual Keene Adventist Elementary School Family Fun Fest this weekend. University freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all found a way to contribute to Fun Fest. “I just showed up and suddenly I was volunteering,” said Dhyana Ebanks-Johnson, sophomore music education major. She helped at a basketball stand, one of Fun Fest’s many games. She enjoyed helping the elementary students and giving them the prizes that they would earn … [Read more...]