March 4, 2015

Club Seeks Volunteers for Local Mission Work

Evelyn Rubio and Isai Ramirez volunteer their time at Adventist Community Services in Keene.

Southwestern’s Missions Club prepared “care kits” yesterday at Adventist Community Services’ Disaster Relief Depot in Keene. This was the first of many volunteer opportunities to be offered by the Missions Club. The club wants students to learn that mission work is more than just travel to needy countries. It’s a mindset for home and abroad. “Mission work changed my life,” says Evelyn Rubio, Missions Club vice president. “I’ve never gone on a mission trip, but helping in the community … [Read more...]

Southwestern Leads in Adoption of Floorball


Southwestern Adventist University is ahead of the game, the floorball game to be specific. Floorball is a sport comparable to floor hockey. It’s quickly gaining popularity in the United States. “This was our third year to host the Southwest U.S. Floorball Championship Tournament,” says Vesa Naukkarinen, chair of the kinesiology department. “The sport is growing, but it’s not very big in the United States yet. As far as I know, no other university in the U.S. has organized … [Read more...]

Midterms? Students Share Their Reaction

Astrid Pardita

(Edited by Saul Flores and Angela Mangueira) Southwestern Adventist University is in the middle of midterms, and students are somewhat optimistic. Freshmen face their first college test week. Seniors feel pressure to succeed in their last fall semester. No matter what grade level, there are three things each student should remember: study, sleep, and don’t stress. “The pressure is on,” says Angel Zayas, senior kinesiology major. “I had several midterms this week and I feel like there … [Read more...]

The Legacy of Education

Zuri Cortes (center) poses with two other students to promote the CheMaPhy club.

“Education is the one gift you can give someone that will last a lifetime,” says Janice Hall, founder of the Raymond G. “Dick” Hall Jr. Scholarship. Dick was an alumnus of Southwestern Adventist University. As a student of math and biology, he kept very busy on campus. Involved with music and the Church, education became more than classwork. It became his passion. “I remember my husband talking about the wonderful religion classes at Southwestern,” says Janice. “He and other students would … [Read more...]

Bad News Is Good News

Makala Coleman

Being told that I’ve done something wrong is surprisingly one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. As editor of Status, Southwestern’s Student Association magazine, I can’t help but laugh at the irony. The second issue of the semester was distributed last Thursday. Negative comments about a movie review column one of my writers put together bothered me when I first heard them. A fellow student told me that he didn’t like the use of movies that were not rated G. Later, a faculty member … [Read more...]

God Has Better Plans

Mario Labrador gave up on his first love, baseball, in order to come to Southwestern.

Mario Labrador is in love with baseball. He’s been swinging a bat since the age of six. Last summer, Labrador traded his chance at the big leagues for a chance at Christian education. He’s now a communication major at Southwestern Adventist University. “Baseball was my entire life,” says Labrador. “It was a really tough choice to come to Southwestern. But no matter what decision you make, if you make it through Christ it will all work out. It will all be OK with Christ.” It all started … [Read more...]

A Heart for the World

Professor Kerrie Kimbrow advises two nursing students.

Kerrie Kimbrow, professor of nursing at Southwestern Adventist University, loves to travel. She’s been to 49 countries. Kimbrow hopes to pass on her love for nursing, as well as love for travel to her students. Kimbrow got her first travel bug as a child when her family took a trip across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They had been on a study leave to the U.S. Rather than fly home to Australia, they traveled across four continents, 31 countries, and two oceans. “I just love … [Read more...]

An Unexpected Internship

Alyssa poses with fiance J.T. Burnett.

Alyssa Graves, senior business major at Southwestern, has a ten-year plan and intends to stick to it, but sometimes things work out unexpectedly. “God has a plan,” says Graves. “And my plan was definitely not what he had in mind.” Graves’ strategy was to get an internship at a local business, graduate from college, attend higher education, and work in the business field. Graves applied for an internship at a business in Cleburne. Several of her family works at that business, so she felt she … [Read more...]

Recital Showcases Student Talent


Southwestern's music department hosted their first spring recital last night. The students exhibited a variety of talent and skill. Halla Kalmansson, sophomore music major, sings Glitter and Be Gay from Candide. Written by Leonard Bernstein, the song is about a girl who attempts to find solace for her lost honor in earthly possessions. Reuben Hall, freshmen music major, tunes his violin on stage. He performed Scherzando from Symphonie Espagnole, composed by E. Lalo. A scherzando is … [Read more...]

Enactus Joins Team for Dominican Republic Mission Trip

The Enactus team will be traveling to the Dominican Republic with the nursing department for a spring break mission trip.

Nursing students provide a health clinic each year in the Dominican Republic. This year, Southwestern’s Enactus team will join them as an extension to the mission trip. Enactus is an organization that teaches students to "transform lives" with business skills. Enactus breaks into three parts: Entrepreneurial, Action, Us. Simply put, students learn to create values from opportunities and then act on them in an attempt to make the world a better place. “We wanted to do something … [Read more...]