November 28, 2014

Presidential Inauguration Set for Friday


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Flagball Intramurals This Week


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Assembly to Feature Online Presence


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Concert Set for Thursday


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Knights Challenge Set for Sat. Night


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You’re a Senior. What Did You Expect?

Indiana Melendez

As a senior at Southwestern, I thought I had the whole college time-management thing down to a key. Wake up, go to classes, get a few hours in at work, do homework, study, hit the gym, go to bed, and do it all over again in the morning. This seemed to work for the first three years of undergraduate studies. But the system I came up with freshman year seems to be failing me now that I’m engrossed in upper-division courses and at least 25 hours at work. The class and workload I now have seems … [Read more...]

Class Clash Continues with Wednesday Softball Game

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Kickball Slated for Saturday Night


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Health Services Hosts Open House


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University Holds Annual Convocation

Larry Moore, chair of the University Board of Trustees, was the featured speaker.

The Southwestern Brass Ensemble played, the professors, administrators and board members entered in traditional robes, and Southwestern Adventist University’s annual Convocation Service marked the official beginning of another school year. Students, faculty and staff met for the occasion Thursday, Sept. 4 in the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church. Amy Rosenthal, vice president for academic administration, offered the Invocation. Kenneth Shaw, Southwestern’s new president, welcomed students … [Read more...]